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The Beaker bong is one of the most popular bongs out there and for good reason – it’s easy to clean, looks cool, and lets you enjoy your bong experience to the fullest! Our beaker bong is made from 9mm borosilicate glass, which is thicker and sturdier than standard 5mm glass, so it won’t break if you drop it, and because of its thickness, it’s super easy to clean! Get yours today and get ready to hit the road!

Thickness: 9mm
Base width: 5 inches
Tube width: 52mm
Meterial: borosilicate glass
Joint: 18mm female joint
Built-in ice catcher
Removable 18mm to 14mm downstem
Height & Weight


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This glass bong has 14”, 16”, 18” three sizes come in your choice, included for free with this item is a matching 14mm “elephant bowl” as well as a removable 18mm to 14mm downstream for the extra benefit of milking cool smooth hits.

The beaker base is over 5 inches wide, measuring a whopping 10mm+ thickness on the bottom, the reinforced beaker base is thicker than 9mm neck for containing more water and adding sturdiness to the bong. In addition to an enlarged base, you’ll notice an insanely thick 18mm “elephant joint” perfectly matches the 2.5-inch flared mouthpiece, classic simple design, yet aesthetically pleasing, it’s rare to find such thick glass beaker bongs with these unbeatable prices in the market.

The whole thick workmanship makes this beaker bong a solid choice for clumsy smokers or anyone who is looking for massive hits out of heavy bongs.

Pack Included:
9mm thick glass beaker bong *1
Removable 18mm to 14mm downstem *1
14mm elephant bowl *1

Cleaning and Maintenance
To give your mini glass bubbler a good clean and maintenance, you can soak it in the alcohol of 70% concentration, cover the mouthpiece and downstem with your palms, hold it tight and carefully, shake it up until it’s clean.
You can also soak it in boiling water, brush it when the water temperature cools down to your tolerable temperature.

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14 Inch, 16 Inch, 18 Inch


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