Bongrips Beaker Bong with Ring Ice Catcher Glass Bongs For Sale 10 inch


This 10″ beaker bong is made of thick glass, and comes with a glass stem and mouthpiece. It features a heavy-duty steel construction and a thick glass bowl, providing an incredibly strong yet sleek and smooth smoking experience. This product does not come with a screen, and has been designed for those who prefer a more traditional, high quality smoking experience.

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Standing at 10 inch tall, our bong is easy to carry around and is perfect for smoking on the go! Weighing just under 3.65Ibs and being made of solid borosilicate glass, our 10 inch bong will help you get your daily hit without dropping it off a roof! With a base thickness of 10 mm, this glass bong will not only look great, but it’s also extremely sturdy and will survive knocks, drops, and even heat.

9mm wall thickness and 10mm+ base thickness means that even if you knock your bong over it will likely not break. This ensures that your bong stays standing through your trip and helps protect it from damage during transport.

A must have for anyone who loves to experiment with different flavors of bongs. Whether you’re new to bongs or already enjoying your bong’s capabilities, our beaker bong has you covered. A great starter or travel piece for new users.

This bong features a 9mm diameter bowl, extra thick chamber for huge clouds, and ring pinch for a better ice cube experience. The mouthpiece is removable for easy cleaning and a smaller diameter mouthpiece makes hits smooth and cooler.

The package includes:

9mm beaker bong *1
glass downstem *1
glass bowl *1

Material: Borosilicate glass
Height: 10 Inches
Weight: 3.45lb
Downstem Type: 6 slits showerhead percolator
Joint Size: 45-degree 14mm female joint

Cleaning and Maintenance

You can clean and maintain your beaker bong by soaking it in the alcohol of 70% concentration. Cover the mouthpiece and downstem with your palms, hold it tightly and carefully, shake it up until it’s clean.

Only the highest quality materials are used in all of our bong chips and we take pride in our craftsmanship. Our commitment to quality is always strict and every bong is rigorously inspected before it leaves our facility.

Weight 3.65 lbs
Dimensions 6.18 × 6.18 × 10.55 in

Black, Light Blue, Milk Blue, Teal


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