About Bongrips
Bongrips has always insisted on self-developed setup of smoke hoses, hand tubes, nectar collectors, blunt aerators and accessories.

As a new smoking tool brand in the smoking industry, bongrips combines silicone and glass into a water hose that is sold worldwide. We’re constantly innovating our way, offering newer products that make smoking more fun in today’s world. bongrips innovatively uses PLATINUM CURED SILICONE to manufacture smoking devices and accessories, much safer than typical silicone products.

Bongrips FDA and ISO 9001:2000 Certified
Innovation and ingenuity are at the heart of what we do at Bongrips.

Bongrips has a globally diverse collaborative team who are passionate about making more interesting and unique products. We cooperate with two experienced European designers to form our global design and development team, and our production factory is located in mainland China.

Email address: dende8568@gmail.com

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